What are the G.I. Germ Fighters? 

The G.I. Germ Fighters are tiny, multi-colored dudes who live in their secret home base hidden deep in the tangle of the town dump. The Germ fighters are 'smallish' - 'no bigger than a small dog's big toe' - and can appear in a variety of different colors. There are over 20 different kinds of Germ Fighters and they are directed by their leader 'Mac' - the only 4 star general in the group. Each type of Germ Fighter has special abilities that allow them to fight all sorts of meanies. G.I. Germ Fighters are constantly battling their enemies in order to make the world a cleaner and better place.

The Villains
Villains!? Oh yeah, We got Villains!...  Arrrrroooogggahhhh! The call goes out to the Germ Fighters and they spring into action! One of the meanie enemy bosses is up to no good and the Germ Fighters must save the day! Any one of these bad guys can spring up at any time.

Mastermind is the ultimate bad guy, a maniac that in the far away and distant past used to be a Germ Fighter. He was cast out for being not very nice and otherwise generally evil. He's obsessed with computers and technology and is always looking to unleash his chaos. Summon the Fighters now to be sure he doesn't unleash a virus on your computer!

Vinny the Virus
Whoa! Gnarly! The Germ Fighters may have to take a trip inside the human body to battle Vinny the Virus. He is always looking for someone who may not be taking their vitamins or eating well and trying to make them sick. If one of your friends has a cold chances are VTV is not that far away!

Dirty Duke
The King has returned! Dirty Duke is the King of Filth and he's looking to cause some trouble. Leaving dirty dishes around the sink? Not cleaning up your room? Watch out! This is right in this guy's wheelhouse of mayhem. he will summon his minions, release the stink bomb and make you pay.

G.I. Germ Fighters is a small startup brand looking to make a big splash. By teaching kids about cleanliness and healthy living in fun and exciting new ways. Please contact us if you would like to explore licensing arrangements or other exciting opportunities.